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Xijiajie (Beijing) Petrochemical Equipents Co., Ltd is headquartered in Beijing with contact office in Lanzhou, which is specialized in trade and services of world-known machinery equipment and instrument.

Our staff are dedicated and experienced. Our products are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical, steel, non-ferrous metals, municipal, environmental, power, paper and food industries etc.

Our company is established with the working criterion that " to be honest, to be exact, to be efficient", with the enterprise spirit that "insist on good faith, aspire after sense, keep on active", with the high-quality services for customers and with the qualified product series including SUNDYNE hi-speed compressor, hi-speed pump and magnetic pump; MILTONROY metering pump; COOPER compressor; ANDERSON extrusion hydroextractor; ROTAN gear pump; MASONEILAN instrument; TOKYO KEISO instrument; RAYCHEM heat trace etc.

Nowadays, our company becomes outstanding among the technical assistance suppliers and obtains the high praise and good reputation of customers through the increasing development and the creative work by putting the new technical connotation into the traditional trade process.

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